Saturday, May 11, 2013

Artist= 1 Part Crazy, 2 parts Heart Sea

People want to entertain the insanely genius, eccentric, bizarre creative inspiration that artists live at least in fantasy.  Sherlock Holmes, Van Gogh tours or some bad rendering of Leonardo DaVinci on cable television for example, satisfy the banal attempt at living vicariously through the insanity of lone creative genius.  However, they do not want this on their doorstep or in their daughter's bed.  God forbid they actually have to deal with it in reality.  No, they just flip quickly to the "American Babylonian Idol" and get their dose of sublime mediocrity.  You see, all is a game.  The system, the money, the fame and on and on and on, and only an artist is willing to flip the card over to reveal the true chaos of it all.  That is why artists are 1 Part Crazy and 2 Parts Heart Sea.