Monday, February 13, 2012

On Alienation in Art and Life

I believe that the individual representation of reality after abstraction is now two-dimensionally of the "Alien" in painting. George Condo is the premier recognized manufacturer of this idea today in contemporary art. Alienation is based today in technology, spiritual states of consciousness of a politically charged modern world and also, world religions and material forms of consciousness. Capitalism is the primary alienating function of a society.  However, Communism as a political system is also equally an alienating function, based on the psychology of total govern-"mental" control.  This alienation seeks its salvation in a baroque world of colorful excess to assuage the mental dysfunctions correlative to its nature.  Therefore, the culture of consumerism is the new baroque fantasy (see Japanese Anime and consumerist trends) that attempts to pave the way towards mental and spiritual equilibrium.  Until the alien becomes integrated fully into our consciousness  we will never know peace on earth.