Friday, May 11, 2012

You're only as good as your last haul...

Man it has been too long since Ive actually pulled in something to chew on...there is nothing left.  Crisis critics ring in the background and everytime I try to make it work, get out of bed, take the shower and sing a little, it never comes home.

My objective is to finally write a non-poetic poem.  Like this stupid thing here.  Don't try anymore to be anything.  Don't even be.  It's fresher that way and think of all the garbage you'll save the earth.

Again, calling for the last time.  My cat is deaf, so sad.  She doesn't here herself even.  But, it's like that in the end and in a sort of funny way,  from the very beginning.  Don't let anyone tell you it will be fine.  Nobody cares.  It's an endless repetitve machinic jerk of needless desire.  There is nothing left.  Waiting for the deluge.

I must go now.