Monday, November 14, 2011

Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taipei, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur and the End of Postmodernism

Paul Laffoley talked with me personally about the future cities of the new Bauharoque (some more of which I added here).

In his beyond genius "Secret Writings of Jesus Christ", Paul mapped out (in 1992?) the total of futuristic cultural periods, including an accurate timeline for the end of the Postmodern rule of New York City capitalistic cosmopolitanism.  Probably it is safe to say that New York City is closer to what Paris was at the end of the Second World War.  Now things are changing and we're feeling it, aren't we???

Let's face it, no matter how you slice it, architecture tells the story.  New York just looks old.  The Freedom Tower in my humble opinion, is not the right design to carry New York forward into the future, but it all makes sense, because in the end, politics is indicative of our mental-spiritual-emotional qualities.  However, it is neither here nor there, because all empires end at some point.  Just as the Postmodern schizo-analysis is giving way to a new empirical mode of understanding capitalism, as well as every other system, buildings such as Taipei Tower and the Burj Khalifa tell the story that is already happening after 9/11.  There are new centers of the global  network now.  New York initiated it.  It was rooted in the Eiffel Tower as a Modernist expression, realized in the Twin Towers and in a very postmodern way, rising out of the ashes like a Phoenix.  I would say that the world has a plan.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Mega spirit...ascension into Cosmic Oneness.  Emptiness defined as a universal stratagem for world peace.  Force beyond recognition.  Angelic presence.  Opening of a portal to light.  Stay tuned...