Monday, February 24, 2014

Lobster Roll Visionary Painting Sanded by the Wind of Po'Boy Blues

Taking it all so seriously, watching cargo ships sit waiting at sea to enter harbor, seamen probably eating Lobster Rolls with Mayonnaise in their mess halls, me eating the Lobster Roll Po'Boy Blues and wanting to make a painting, saying never did the sun reveal wonder and light as today.

Twin Lights sitting there, stoic, aged, wise...overlooking the vast expanse, deep blue visions of sandwich paintings...the Food Network has gone too far they tell me.  We fuss over food to the point of minutiae.  Think of all the trash, waste and loss just to support a food system that specializes in different forms of packaging?  

Lobster Roll paintings ride the waves of the ancient Mesopotamian Magi, all the way to a surface.  Those who followed the starship all the way to the holy land got more than that in the end, but we do not have the same level of knowledge.

The bridge represents some sort of bifurcation of consciousness...splitting where one avenue separates itself from another, therefore creating the space of choice.  Put a bridge in the window.

A bag of peas would also probably make appropriate formalist statements or give something interesting as text to add to the visual visionary matrix.  These are things to wish for.  In a world like ours, try and make the vision as honest as you can, but try to remember its a party, so have yourself some fun.