Monday, December 31, 2012

Homage to Joel Hodgson and MST3K

Life is a critique of a silly movie... Happy 2013.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Sailor Clown Lost at SEE

Sunday, December 23, 2012

2013 is Psychic Clean Up Time that is over, the so called, dreaded end date of 12.21.12, we are still here.

However, I wonder, what is the next creative step?

After listening to Michael Tsarion for the past 2000 hours, no just kidding :), I have come to the understanding that now more than ever it is time to step inside the mirror room of Self and stare deeply so that a new consciousness is at hand.

Also, it is time to open up the closet of the mind and and clean it thoroughly.  As MT says, going through the darkness and the cosmic tyranny is a part of the purging process so that one comes to their own sovereign self hood, untainted by the manipulations and conspiracies of others.

No need to do anything but just be your self.  Now if we could just solve the incessant money problem, then all would possibly be well.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Wizard, 2012

Jonathan Feldschuh, Hadron Collider

Jonathan Feldschuh is one of the smartest painters alive.  He has a degree, Summa Cum Laude from Harvard in Physics.  I admire the architectonic visionary qualities I decipher from his work.  I believe it to be an interplay between science and art that is very poetic.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Postmodernism, Baroque Universe of Styles, Art Jungle

Modernism paved the way towards the world in which we live in now.  Based on often Utopian ideations, its sense of the artistic progression of world transformation was unceasingly historical.  History was something made by great minds who were fully conscious of their doings.

Postmodernism took that and flipped it, deconstructed it, parodied it, made it ironic and well, like Martin Kippenberger, made you wonder "why" in the first place.  As the Talking Heads said, it "Stopped Making Sense".

Why?  Well, the high end postmodern academic critique sliced, diced and disintegrated any sense of subjective worthiness, all the while building a hyper-capitalist art world empire.  You had to be in the know and if you had money to spare, it was all fair game and didn't really matter any way.  Like they say, all is fair in love and war, right? 

Well, not exactly.  In the end, intertexuality breeds more excuses to regurgitate more stylistic fancies and tangents.  As is evident by the plethora of artists and styles today, there has never been an end to artistic aspiration either.  As we can see, after postmodernism, it is hard to understand what it is all about however.  To me and to whatever degree as I have stated before in other writings, there is a baroque quality (a "Virtual Baroque") to the art world today.  This may be merely superficial and unimportant to recognize, but I mean it in the sense that if you take the overall visual field at this point, it is an overgrown jungle of ideas, representations, styles, genres and derivations.

The thing is, is that postmodern parody is over, as is the need to be ironic.  I hate to hear every time a painting gets critiqued that it doesn't pass the art world taste test due to its perceived sincerity or seriousness.  However, even if it is sincere, it doesn't change the fact that it lives out its existence in a universe like pool of visual expressions.  To some degree this relationship with all the other art "out there" makes it simply meaningless.  It is ironic still how anyone can take art seriously at all.  However, in postmodernism this was the artifice and now that is tired too.

What I think is that it is beautiful to see all this art.  It means something...however vague, regarding the fact that visual culture ceases to die.  What I believe is that we are in fact bringing new levels of meaning to all of it.  Artists are even more sophisticated than before and educated.  So many artists have MFA's today for example and although this is not a requisite to making great art, it is a testament to the level of knowledge and sophistication that is out there.

We are increasingly challenged by the attempt at some level of meaning.  Cutting through the jungle means simultaneously adding to its overgrowth.  It will not only grow over, but more ferociously than before. 

Taro Chiezo

I love the cheesy (Cheez Whiz) quality in Taro Chiezo's work as an example of what might be considered diminutive or hyper-pop as you may see it.  I think being Japanese gives one a special understanding of the face of globalism.  It is the Post-Atomic hyperspace society.  Also, the playful pastiche of Japanese visual culture comes through as something not merely postmodern, but with a visionary tinge, all the while representing an understanding of art history.  The last set of paintings remind of me what Joe Bradley is doing now. 

Hermann Brood

I met a Dutch Drug Counselor in Vientiane, Laos a few years ago who compared my art (a drawing I gave her) to Hermann Brood.  I had never heard of him until then, but after some research I was pleasantly surprised.  I have never been a real punk artist per se, although there are many aspects of the culture I do embrace, even some of the music.  I am more of a hippy to be honest at heart.  However, there was a Boston graffiti artist I felt connected to in the 90's named Greg Meyers (Paz) who is like Brood as a person and artist in so many ways.  A mutual friend compared my work to his in 1995.  However, we were two sides of the same coin. 

Martin Kippenberger (Parodic Genius)

I think everyone got into MK again right after 9/11.  It seemed that there was a resurgence of interest in his work.  I think of most of the 80's artists, he was overlooked more so than others.  However, his actual importance cannot be debated.  I would not call MK visionary in a classical sense, but there was something in his play that was equally very cosmic.  I have been deeply influenced by his ideas, although I must admit, in the 90's I sort of overlooked him as well.  It was after I started working in corporate America and making art in offices that MK became a sort of spirit guide if you will.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Spritual Paths or God is a Guitar Player

The end goal is singular: enlightenment.  The paths are infinite.

One man prefers red, the other purple.

One person paints their house one way, the other another way.

The judgement is personal and subjective.

Leave it that way and allow others to paint their houses how they want.

Or, be like strings on a guitar.  Each one has a different vibration...God is the guitar player.  When God touches you, vibrate your way, ultimately separate, but still part of a whole and you will become part of a great song.

Let God play the guitar.

Economic Collapse in 2012?

The USA once again stands at an economic precipice (fiscal cliff).  For those who still have income, it is easy to ignore the signs...for those who are unemployed and have no more benefits, well, the harsh realities are kicking in.  Families will be destroyed by economic collapse, which appears to be imminent. 

In the midst of all of this chaos...I ask myself, is love possible in spite of it all?  It seems hard to fathom, but I do believe, more than ever, love is key to solving the problems we face, not just in the USA, but around the world.  We can and should help each other as much as possible.  When I see small children fighting over burnt rice in Syria, my heart aches.

It is possible, the Arab Spring is prepatory for the USA in the future.  If the dollar loses its value and Europe falls completely, then eveything will rest on China and BRIC.  Once that takes place, the economic shift will be over and Americans will be reduced to the very thing they took advantage of for so many years.  Sorry, there is some bitter truth involved.  Reorganize, create farming communities, grow food to feed each other, move back to a more socialized, agrarian society and fight off any form of tyranny.  That might work.

Again, love is the key to understanding.  With true love, there is balance, grace, wisdom, real power, peace.  Had we balanced ourselves with love, we might have survived this.  To say the least, we have allowed our Mother Earth to become destroyed by our folly.  Once more, we capaitalized on the pain and suffering of others.  Now it is time to pay up.

Maybe I'm wrong or just overly sentimental...but, what is it really?  Answer the question for yourself.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Culture and Architecture

Recently, Ive been reflecting on the notion of culture and its inter-relationship organically and inorganically speaking.  Also, as its root word the Latin " cultura" and its cousin the word "cult" describe, culture is "dedication, reverance and worship" which is connoted in the idea of tilling the soil.  All cultures grow in time through some form of dedicated effort, building structures according to variables both seen and unseen.  They survive based on their temporal importance and of course, ability to transform in the face of evolutionary change.

Hence, I think about architecture specifically in this context, as well as economics.  Culture includes both fields and both fields include each other, both in a literal and a figurative sense.  In fact, there are no puns really necessary when we get down to the grit and foundation of all of these subjects.  As they relate to human experience, they must be seen, felt, heard, whatever to be understood.  This is not to deny the infinite complexity of such realities.  It is relatively simple and yet incredibly complex, how a building holds so many levels of human consciousness within it and also, renders outward its structural compliance with culture.  Whatever its value is, is ultimately determined by its ability to exist culturally and have economic importance.  Otherwise, as we see, it will cease to exist and sooner or later become relative to the sands of time blowing in the wind of yesterday.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Easy Come, Easy Go

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Shawnee Chief


Saturday, October 20, 2012

"Post-Post-Modernism, Objectification of Humans, Anonymous and Other Tastes"

First off, the term "Post-Post-Modern" is ridiculous as it is redundant and therefore superfluous and not progressive.  I use it here tongue-in-cheek to make a case in point.  Furthermore, our internet based society and culture is as was stated via postmodern theories regarding the natural outcome of hyper-capitalism, a hyper-fetishism and objectification of the Real and/or Other, which is in reality another "US".  The "Real" and "Other" are essentially one in the same thing, because our purview in the world concerns what is perceived reality and is always an object in terms of defining what it is.  We live in a world of things and these things become the map by which our consciousness moves.

However, equally so there is personal experience, otherwise known as the subjective which constitutes individuals and gives them unique selves.  This is the abstract part of our understanding what is the humanity of ourselves and others.  No matter how long we look in the mirror, nothing we can see with physical eyes completely discerns the reality that cannot be seen and constantly moves "beneath" the surface reality.  Otherwise, there would be no mystery to life and we would essentially know everything as it is.

In relation to the internet, Anonymous and objectification of humans, we as a race have reached this point of realization after years of intellectual analysis of hyper-capitalist measures to achieve the reification of being so that it can become an object to sell.  Corporate greed creates an objective impersonal world of profit.  It depends on insensitivity to achieve its aims.  Porn is one aspect of this reality, as is slavery historically speaking.

What I mean to say here is that we have entered into a new era of consciousness in my mind.  We are moving beyond the pedantic, dry analysis that in fact only further supports the impersonality of social networking.  This leads to one end as dehumanized robots.  We observe it in cultural forms like gangs, mega-corporations and even revolutionary groups like Anonymous for that matter, but there is more to the story if you will.  Albeit, the masks of reality continue to subterfuge the mystery, but also this mystery continues to create in individuals and collectives a drive towards unique connection.  To use Felix Guattari's word "deterritorilization" as a signifier of a new conscious creative map and opening up of ever more levels of creative potential.  Hence, the future is uncertain folks.  I'm not saying there is something inherently wrong with capitalism or that communism or anarchism in some form is a better solution, nothing like that.   Either way, whatever it is, we must retain an understanding that the mystery underlies a reality with infinite potential, that things are not things unto themselves and that the more we objectify reality, the more we limit ourselves in time and space.  No system in fact promises total freedom, but we must continue to try towards a reformation of our minds, bodies and spirits in order to remain honest with ourselves and our world/s.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Dark Night

Deep in this night, the whistle blows
from lantern and wheel, a spirit knows
a foolish man did not begot
for Spirit dances to what is nought

The broken sun comes through the pane
from temporal destiny I shall remain
Never retired even from the grave
for the Poet's heart is eternal, brave

Lord of Fire, Smoke and Mirrors
holding up the truth to sinners
where the wind conjures magic rites
and all souls return to that dark night

Friday, October 5, 2012


Loser chosers
get fake and go blow
yourselves it's definite desolate
on the frontier to sundown
clown sodas
disgracing made up fantasies
of fire and bomb bottles
messages of desire
killing in the fields

go fcuk yourself
and get hung up
destiny desires more
but hey look it is a fat ass
with a tshirt full of grass
go long and hard
under soaking wet

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sick in Funnies

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Devil of Bank (BAAB)

Friday, September 14, 2012

Sunday, September 9, 2012


Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Legalize IT

The time has come...Uruguay looks like it might be legalizing marijuana.  The social hypocrisy must stop and we must identify where the real problem lies.

It isn't about control in the sense of limiting others from being free, it is just the opposite.  Giving freedom, true freedom is the greatest form of control, because when people are out in the open and in accord with the law, true regulation is possible.

If we seek true democracy, then we must legalize marijuana.  The arguments for are greater than against and it seems to be true that only the greater capitalistic, corporate interests have built on years of sociocultural bigotry towards keeping it illegal.

The arguments for whether or not it is a gateway drug are also spurious.  Either way, as President Santos of Colombia presents, the crises of the drug war and its costs are making legalization crucial.  Colombia too wants to "legalize it".  It is a huge cash crop worth billions of dollars.  Further, we can focus more deeply on helping those who are addicted to harder drugs, even those who have found themselves addicted to "legal" over the counter drugs created by pharmaceutical companies that do not wish to see marijuana flourish as the medicine that it potentially is.

Whatever your preference is, it is of no consequence.  No one is telling you which channel to turn to, so let's not tell anyone where to "turn on".

Monday, July 23, 2012

Eff IT

To hell with the failing system and its lies, its fire burning deep in Babel.  Screw the voice of hypocrisy, turning the other way from the glare of truth that the world is not what it says it is.  Bankers who run the world and rig it from the top to the bottom, so that the only winners are those who are a part of the oligarchy.

Art is not a system.  Art is not a foolish way to make millions.  Life is more than a machine or a  semiotic system that supports the vanity of cultural emptiness.

We are becoming soulless cyborgs shaped by the desires of the matrix.  We question not the theatre that plays before us, televised in the collective un/conscious.  The gatekeepers will die.  The ivory towers will continue to fall.  The genius laughs in the green grass while the blind ride the goat to the burning retribution of the sun.  Solar fire will eventually destroy all that is cancer in this world.  The underworld will become sublimated by divine fire.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dead Muralist

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ritual Sacrifices on the Square

The revelation of the two pillory square death dance is rendered by the magicians of light.  Out of Maddik there came the saints of art and ascension who sought to maintain and create order in the halls of crystalline beauty.  But, the sorcerers of death and destruction killed the goddess once hang us out to dry and to recreate order based on the 13.  Light will always prevail in human consciousness, no matter how dim it becomes in the surrounding space.  Stars will always shine and be recreated after the dealers of death make their marks.  The High Priestess was the mission of North and South.  She sat there waiting under the watchful "Ayin", or devils.  The magicians will take over for the peace and purity that is truth, always standing strong in spite of the machinations of the lower realms.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Karma Clowns, Zen Sandwiches and Sweeping the Beach

I'm a beach sweeper.  Actually, I should tell you how vast the ancient sea is now.  But, then again, it wouldn't matter, because there never was a beginning, nor will there ever be an end.  For all there is, there is only shapeshifting...moment to moment.  The face of the Sun is never the same at any moment.  So much energy, so little time, but then again, it's eternal and infinite.

Like the number of stars in the Universe, there isn't enough light to shine down on your inherent stupidity.  So, I'll sweep the beach and eat Zen for lunch while you think I'm a Karma Clown, which I AM, but it's for the laughs anyway.  It just might be that on the other side of the Black Hole, an entire new Universe is being created simultaneously, which might represent a whole other dimensionality of stars swept from one angle to another.  It's like Creative Destructionism or Destructive Creationism.  Perhaps we're on the other side of that Black Hole and we're staring right back at ourselves like a Cosmic Magic Hall of Mirrors?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Live authentically

In Jungian psycho-analysis (Meyers Briggs Test), at one point possibly 5 years ago, I had taken the test and the result was ESTJ (Extraversion, Sensing, Thinking, Judgment).  However, recently, I took the test again and the result was INFP (Questor/Idealist/Healer).  Furthermore, it says that INFP's tend to masquerade as ESTJ's, but that this is a considerable taxation to them energetically.  When I was working all those years in corporate finance, I guess that I was masquerading as a ESTJ in order to survive.  I was really trying to live out my INFP persona, but I had to become ESTJ in order to have and keep a job suitable to pay my rent.  No wonder I started having so many problems in my life and personal turmoil.  Living in a contradiction is a crisis.

After three years of unemployment after the recession of 2009, I am living out my INFP persona naturally and I honestly feel so much better.  The problem remains a financial one, but I am hopeful for the future in spite of it.

In order for us to be healthy, we need to realize that in spite of the pressures of the world to be what we are not, we must be ourselves if we ever wish for the good things to come when we live authentically.

Friday, May 11, 2012

You're only as good as your last haul...

Man it has been too long since Ive actually pulled in something to chew on...there is nothing left.  Crisis critics ring in the background and everytime I try to make it work, get out of bed, take the shower and sing a little, it never comes home.

My objective is to finally write a non-poetic poem.  Like this stupid thing here.  Don't try anymore to be anything.  Don't even be.  It's fresher that way and think of all the garbage you'll save the earth.

Again, calling for the last time.  My cat is deaf, so sad.  She doesn't here herself even.  But, it's like that in the end and in a sort of funny way,  from the very beginning.  Don't let anyone tell you it will be fine.  Nobody cares.  It's an endless repetitve machinic jerk of needless desire.  There is nothing left.  Waiting for the deluge.

I must go now.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Metamodernist New Sincerity is the Bauharoque

Paul Laffoley predicted a cultural shift from postmodernist academic cynicism toward a "last shift of modernism as a recapitulation of the whole thing", that is, modernism and the baroque as two major aspects on the timeline of cultural movements.  The cultural products we see today seek progress through a more sublime motion in their formative creations and a new interpretation of higher dimensionality.  It seems indulgent like baroque ornamentation, but is a sincere immanent attempt toward something of greater beauty and intent in my opinion.  The spirituality without religion aspect is the foundation of alchemy and magic.  I think that the "Brony" ("Friendship is Magic" and "Statistics are Magic") culture is one aspect of this ideal being sought as we dig ourselves out of the ashes of 9/11.  It is a counter to the weight of financial and economic instability that was brought about by postmodernist motives.  Individuals and collectives desire greater social harmony by making cynicism itself ironic, therefore impotent in the face of a more enlightened sensibility about social consciousness.  Also, the politics of religion is tiring and people really don't want to fight over outdated belief systems.  It is important to recognize however that there is a "touched" element to all of this.  Magic is the key and it seeks to transform the ordinary by being a summation of all that has come before it.

As far as Paul's prophetic rendering in the "Secret Teachings of Jesus Christ", visionary architects rarely get mentioned or implanted in the system for their ideas, but clearly here is another example of a true genius making his statement 20 years before it became an institution, albeit under a different name.

Whatever you want to call it, now we stand in between the same ideas that marked progressive intention with the path towards the sublime or multiple views of dimensionality, as promised in quantum physics.  There is also a sense of escapism through kitsch or fantasizing the banal as a fetish as in the "Brony" culture.  It is masked within the technology in which it is being realized and formulated, but floats and grows in its spatial consciousness that is highly virtual and formless.  There is no more Other, only Us and we are ever connecting in nodes of our being.  We see it in architectural forms that go overboard in their desire to replicate nature on the most profound levels...forms that inspire the beauty of chaos in spaces of structure.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Reaction Clusterfuck while Babylon Breaks Down

Whether or not we admit it or unless we're part of the older generation that has no way to understand it, we know things are coming to an end.  This is another empire falling story...the new war is economic, but might soon become bloody when the insiders finally take off after their crimes to South America.  Not just the USA, but the whole world is buckling right now under the weight of lies and deception.  Why is it that Jon Corzine walks free after admitting he "lost" billions of dollars of client money?  Because, that is how the game works...if you are inside this ever increasingly corrupt and shrinking circle of insider "EL-ites" you have the police and military to protect you, as well as the Law which decides to turn its head the other way as you're the one paying its salary.

The bottom line is so many people are popping pills to bury the pain.  This is because the whole thing is a representation of our psyche from top to bottom.  Everything is a reflection of another thing in some way.  I have myself gone through this "burning down" period personally back four years ago when every person in my life was more or less an enemy.  The mutual delusion is causing people to find themselves sick, lonely, tired or narcissistic, psychopathic and quite frankly crazy.

I like everyone else am trying to survive as peacefully as possible, but guess what, Ill be sweeping up for minimum wage?  How on earth will I ever pay back student loans?  The Reality TV show is about how corruption wins in the end.  All organizations are experiencing this right now like a cancer.  The only reason people get taken down is because they are some kind of threat to the status quo of inside rule and power or to be made an example of by the rich promoters of human deception and degradation.  Politics is never worth it in the end.  We need to live in a world that does better, if better is even possible.  I hope that humanity is better than that and we can all win in the end, but perhaps I'm a fool.

We're going to have be strong to survive this world.  It is time to get ready to re-create a world that is worth living in.  There are alternatives, but we're going to have to find them, re-build communities in peace, become more adaptable and healthful.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Copyright, the Future of Art, Creative Protections, etc.

The truth is, copyright is ultimately stupid, because, we in reality own nothing.  The problem though that makes copyright necessary, is that people are not respectful in the game.  If you steal for yourself and never give credit where credit is due, this is shameful.  I believe copyright is more necessary to protect us from the mega-corporations than from each other.  I believe in the libertarian ideal of letting things flow in cyberspace freely, but I copyright my stuff here, for reasons above.  I believe that artistically we can brave new worlds by allowing the information to progress and evolve infinitely without major restrictions.  Why can't I take a photo from the Internet, collage it and give it a new life and perhaps and entirely new context of meaning?  In this sense it is already happening and there is no real way to control it.

Well, it is fine, in my opinion, if you take it and make it really "yours".  I don't mean this beyond the spiritual and intellectual context.  I wouldn't care if something of mine popped up somewhere, but as long I got the appropriate credit for it.  A particular architectural firm had my mural done in New Haven, CT up on their website and refused to give me credit for it there.  It would have been so easy.  The thing is, there is mutual benefit in sharing ideas, merging forms and making new things together instead of trying to preserve one's economic dominance etc.

All ideas came from it is stupid to look for originality in that sense.  This is very postmodern, but Post-modernism is what gave us what we have today.  Let's make it more interesting and progressive.  Let's understand the beauty of a transmogrifying reality that includes all arts and creates, and fosters freedom.  It will continue to manifest in baroque levels of elaboration. Imagine if we had no economic concerns and were only interested in preserving our identities as a form of recognition for what we have done?  It would be amazing, but until this is so, we're going to face the reality of copyright.  It is like marijuana legalization, it would only be successful if the pirates and gangsters got out of the game and the true, blue artists took it over and created the appropriate environment for it.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Day 4 a Fool

Leap into the Spring and know that you are forever foolish about your life and of days played on courts of love.

The tyrants rule on the board of lies...genius awaits for open eyes in streams of hidden identity.

Happy day, once again dancing around the magnetic pole of generations empty, yet turgid in the cosmic interplay that is this world today awash in eternal ethers.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Insanity fills our ranks and Chaos rules our world

Ordo Ab Chao...those 33rd degrees have pounced it upon us...times are ludicrous and the demons are rallying to keep the masquerade of order over their chaotic control of humanity.  9/11 had perhaps the greatest psychological effect known to man, I know, because I was a block away from the WTC five minutes after the 2nd plane hit and it never has left my consciousness.  It even led to a nervous breakdown later.

My point is this...we as a society face many challenges...perhaps there are no easy answers and all that is left is the modus of destruction we are experiencing now at greater and greater velocities.  I can't understand why it is OK to simply put young, highly intelligent people (hackers) in prison for long periods of time, when they are "threats" to a corrupt system.  That is how "they" see it at least, but not the powers that be as well as the majority too afraid to question the system in reality.  The force of self-preservation is so great that it breeds the ignorance and delusion so common today.  However, from the voices of dissension, the powers that be have a lot to learn about criticism.  Many people are not happy with the relationship of corporations which steal from the public through bad accounting schemes and the lies of derivatives markets, and end up supporting our "leaders".  We see the effects of this in other countries, but do we want the whole thing to collapse here?  Beyond the hacker anarchists, there are many who believe this to be inevitable.

We have enjoyed a relative peace and I believe continue to desire it.  We need to come together in a more positive way to fix these problems as a society.  We need to understand that people will risk their lives to communicate a message to the world that it is not working.  We have to understand that events like 9/11 have vast reverberating effects on the psyche and that healing is necessary beyond shallow ceremonies etc.  I hope that not only the USA, but the world can pull it together and work towards creating a realm more peaceful, integrated, full of solutions and empowerment.  I know that seems trite anymore to the jaded cynicism of today.  I hope too, no matter how pointless it might be, that there is a future of benefit for humankind that triumphs over the darkness we face collectively now.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Anonymity is not in a name, but the true mystery that is "SELF"

In our globally connected world today, we have seen both sides of the coin.  Those who have their whole lives spilled out in public with the ever increasing ability of powers that be to cull related information and/or those who hide behind masks that the internet simultaneously provides to those who are intelligent enough to cover their digital tracks.  Perhaps, as Nietzsche said, "Whatever is profound loves masks" and I tend to agree with the master philosopher on most things.  However, the profound mystery that remains anonymous is ultimately not cornered in by any artifice or device of informational revelation.  As always, at the very core of our individual and collective existence, there is the mystery that supersedes all consciousness.  It is the result of our mutual inability to answer every question, especially as more and more questions arise about our true nature and future as a species.  Furthermore, it is the very fact that no matter how much we think we "know" a person, we can never be sure, when we don't even really know ourselves.  Once more, those who have chosen successfully to hide behind their masks, i.e. Banksy or "Anonymous", have done so with the intention of making a "name" or new identity for themselves anyway in the public eye, albeit as a means of challenging a system that is corrupt.  For that reason, it is necessary.  However, either way, you remain "anonymous", but at the same time, are equally more famous than the average person watching you on TV.  So then, the name means nothing in the end and all men and women are the ultimate mystery themselves, to themselves and in reality to everyone else.


Saturday, March 3, 2012

Chans, Ganguro Girl, Hentai, Anonymous Urban Global Dream/Fantasy

The internet is the beast that unleashes total "freedom" of thought, form and idea in anonymous nature just like the big city.  The big city (global internet) dream is the dream of the New Yorker circa 1983 (Madonna) and the Ganguro Girl ("Chans" as in 4Chan) circa 2000.  The city is the urban oneiric fantasy generator of desire.  Concrete reality makes a life full of illusions.  We must escape the lives/lies and magic masks of identity with our fetishes for desire or at least, that is what we are programmed to believe.  All objects then become objects of desire or disgust/hate.  After seeing the twin towers get demolished and beheadings in Iraq and Mexico, porn (Hentai) as no longer underground, but mainstream activity (teenage girls posting naked pics on the internet) and black magic the method of advertising "genius" for mind control robot aliens (see HULU commericals), the world is a swirling vortex eating itself from the inside out and it appears there is nothing to lose.  We live in a culture that believes that only dreams which become fantasies give a semblance of order to a world completely muddled in chaos.  We seek salvation in the imaginary realms that are tweaked by a cosmic kool-aid of digitized phantasms wanting them to be real.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Collage for Joe Nulley

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hermann Finsterlin, Earthships, Gaudi, Eco-Baroque and Visionary Architecture

Not too many people know who Hermann Finsterlin was/is.  For me, he is one of the greatest visionary architects I know of.  I just love the simplicity of his design and the German Bauhausesque off-shoot aspects that lean towards a more baroque sense of modernist, expressionist form and function.  Actually, he never realized his ideas beyond sculpture and drawings on paper to my knowledge.

However, Micheal Reynolds' Earthships are uncannily similar to Finsterlin's designs.  Not sure if Michael Reynolds was influenced by Finsterlin or if it is just coincidence, or in my mind.  I believe there is a correlation of some kind, accidental or intentional, or otherwise.  It relates in general to what seems to have been exemplified in the organic, baroque genius of Antonin Gaudi in terms of modern vision in architecture.  Furthermore, Eco-construction is the next "big thing" in my mind as world economies force us to greater independence and interdependence.  We'll be forced to preserve more than consume resources.  I dream to live in a house of "garbage" that would knock anyone's socks off, a house that is green, made of recycled materials and off the grid.

This is the nature of visionary architecture becoming a reality as 2012 brings the future to now at at theater nearest you.  Just imagine all those plastic water bottles could be made into stairs or tables to eat on or?...Think before you vote and eat your veggies.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Madonna the Hierophant/ess or Inverted Male Priestess

Bi-Sexuality is an ancient pagan method of expressing the gods-goddesses or "illis" as Jordan Maxwell has explained.  The h-"illi"-es are certainly phallic, but just as the Shiva Lingam is the male phallic, the base serves as an expression of the feminine support principle, "the homemaker" who founds the place where the fertile pole star reaches towards the heavens. It is our desire to be eternal and we live on not in our bodies, but in our progeny.

Madonna gave her cabalistic performance ritual at the Super Bowl and knighted/acolyted certain performers as her off-"Spring".  The symbolism of both male and female in the Super Bowl is almost infinite...but the "V"ince Lombardi Trophy looks like a lingam to me...given to the alpha male (Eli/Illi "Man"-ing) who proves his gladiatorial prowess on the feminine field, contained with the bowl or cup which is the primordial feminine chalice, the holy grail where the blood of Christos is ritually consumed.  Madonna made heavy use of the double "V" or W, as an inverted M (when you turn it over), favorite symbol of Winston Churchill (Freemason) and also important to the Tarot universe.  Also, contained with that symbolism was "Ox".  Freeman Perspective states this on his blog.  The tarot card for the hierophant contains both the symbol/letter "V" and also, Taurus or the Bull/Ox of the Spring.  The "V" is itself a feminine symbol, but as warrior goddess, hence Madonna was dressed as ISIS/ISHTAR.  "V" is for Victory as Church-"hilli" liked to declare.  V is also for "Vau" and means nail, or in this case, the male phallic. Furthermore, riding the Ox (two horns/double phallic) is an ancient Taoist idea of the path to wisdom.

The connection of the Double V is the inverted double phallic/vulva symbol which is represented in the transvestite or bi-sexuality of the god/goddess.  Quetzcoatl or Kulculcan is another idea related to this concept.  No wonder the ancient and present day priesthood like/d to dress in robes.  They were esoterically representing this principle of cross-dressing which goes onto this day in places like India or churches.  In this case, even better when the male is himself heterosexual and goes through the ritual as in the Kathakali dance of Kerala.  We have "bi-sexual" priests to this day in the Catholic church which was the original haven for such individuals.  I am not condoning or chiding any group or or individual belief system, I am only stating aspects that exist like it or not in our religious history.  As it says in Ecclesiastes, there is "Nothing new under the Sun".

Therefore, Madonna's message is that she ultimately stands alone and expects to be worshipped as the bi-sexual god-goddess/high priest-priestess.  She is the One who will guide us in Babylon.  Her minions, MIA and Nicki Minaj were the equivalent to her altar-boy/girl slaves helping her to ritualize these arcane aspects of a hermetic science that takes us all the way into the glaring light of Hermes in the desert of ancient days.  Know your code and you'll know when and where you being "told".  ;)

On Alienation in Art and Life

I believe that the individual representation of reality after abstraction is now two-dimensionally of the "Alien" in painting. George Condo is the premier recognized manufacturer of this idea today in contemporary art. Alienation is based today in technology, spiritual states of consciousness of a politically charged modern world and also, world religions and material forms of consciousness. Capitalism is the primary alienating function of a society.  However, Communism as a political system is also equally an alienating function, based on the psychology of total govern-"mental" control.  This alienation seeks its salvation in a baroque world of colorful excess to assuage the mental dysfunctions correlative to its nature.  Therefore, the culture of consumerism is the new baroque fantasy (see Japanese Anime and consumerist trends) that attempts to pave the way towards mental and spiritual equilibrium.  Until the alien becomes integrated fully into our consciousness  we will never know peace on earth.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

King Cake

Dancing down the streets of life throwing pearls of love, wisdom, poetry and magic

Open to the eternal promise of a universal reality of peace

Preparing for the ritual of connection to the tribe

Reduction of the essence into the glands of visionary star creation

Healing all with the laugh of masked men and the king who eats cake

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Novelty Experiments

The Universe favors he/she who ingeniously rides the chaos wave all the way to a novel experience.  There is no tract of life that follows patterns to success more than that which allows cyclical mis-takes...over and over again until at one point, quantum jumping takes one from the repetitive nature to a unique dimension where no-thing can touch you anymore.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

We're all going to die...

Do you really know that you're going to die?  Just think about it.  It is very real.  There is nothing we/you/I can do about it.  In fact, it's the only thing that is truly present in your life...your death.

Most of us go through life ignoring the fact.  Media and institutions play with us and feed us imagery and ideas that make us feel secure in ourselves or allude to some sense of eternal life.  However, behind those masks is the mask of death.  All those products were killing you all along.

So, knowing you're going to die, what is it you truly want out of your life?  Are you going to just go along and do what others want and expect?  Are you going to try and express yourself as you truly are, face your death and make something memorable and beautiful that can instruct and help others?

Friday, February 3, 2012

Phony Friend Factory

Phony Friend Factory

Hold your cell in your hand
bend over backwards for wavelengths
invisible messages in the air
and time spatial block heads
blowing out from star dust
dont forget the artificial soup
of hello and there you go
again and again like
the plastic ocean
because your phone
is your friend
as a Fake Book
it's just a place
to believe in something
that is not real

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Life is Two Short to be Squared

Universal Green Family Symbol Star

Ode to the sacred green family star, golden humming hue abound around in sound.

Bird tribes returning for another day under the holy Son.  One in intention, whole planetary fire building and cleansing the soul from its dis-EASE.

Love is the only way to save the day.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Redux

2012 represents a cyclical movement of the Mayan calendar, specifically the Tzolkin as it relates to the Haab and as most of us know is all the rage today.  Just turn on the Masonic Illuminati channel called "His-Story".  In other words, we've been here before?  What is the truth?  Does anyone know the "truth"?  We're constantly being told what is true in some form or another, whether it be in the form of some institution or modern day media which is yet another institution.  I do give credence to the native traditions and respect them as much as a white man can.  I have learned so much as a spirit from following those ways and learning as much as I am able to, which we all know has its limitations.  However, I also feel, that on some deeper dimensional level, no-thing really matters in so much as the so called real paradigm, supersedes all existential analysis.  I put it to you that simply, but believe me, I know that I am both right and wrong.  I also was born on one of the unluckiest days of the Haab.  I am essentially doomed to a miserable life according to the Maya.  I can't fully say whether or not if that is true, as most things are relative to me at this point, sans the quantum jumping.  I do think this, whatever will happen, we will realize it and anything else is just a matter of the vagaries of mind, no matter how profound we think it might be.  From a place of doom, I bid you big, fat peace. 

Happy 2012 Redux (for the cyclist in you ;)).