Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Day 4 a Fool

Leap into the Spring and know that you are forever foolish about your life and of days played on courts of love.

The tyrants rule on the board of lies...genius awaits for open eyes in streams of hidden identity.

Happy day, once again dancing around the magnetic pole of generations empty, yet turgid in the cosmic interplay that is this world today awash in eternal ethers.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Insanity fills our ranks and Chaos rules our world

Ordo Ab Chao...those 33rd degrees have pounced it upon us...times are ludicrous and the demons are rallying to keep the masquerade of order over their chaotic control of humanity.  9/11 had perhaps the greatest psychological effect known to man, I know, because I was a block away from the WTC five minutes after the 2nd plane hit and it never has left my consciousness.  It even led to a nervous breakdown later.

My point is this...we as a society face many challenges...perhaps there are no easy answers and all that is left is the modus of destruction we are experiencing now at greater and greater velocities.  I can't understand why it is OK to simply put young, highly intelligent people (hackers) in prison for long periods of time, when they are "threats" to a corrupt system.  That is how "they" see it at least, but not the powers that be as well as the majority too afraid to question the system in reality.  The force of self-preservation is so great that it breeds the ignorance and delusion so common today.  However, from the voices of dissension, the powers that be have a lot to learn about criticism.  Many people are not happy with the relationship of corporations which steal from the public through bad accounting schemes and the lies of derivatives markets, and end up supporting our "leaders".  We see the effects of this in other countries, but do we want the whole thing to collapse here?  Beyond the hacker anarchists, there are many who believe this to be inevitable.

We have enjoyed a relative peace and I believe continue to desire it.  We need to come together in a more positive way to fix these problems as a society.  We need to understand that people will risk their lives to communicate a message to the world that it is not working.  We have to understand that events like 9/11 have vast reverberating effects on the psyche and that healing is necessary beyond shallow ceremonies etc.  I hope that not only the USA, but the world can pull it together and work towards creating a realm more peaceful, integrated, full of solutions and empowerment.  I know that seems trite anymore to the jaded cynicism of today.  I hope too, no matter how pointless it might be, that there is a future of benefit for humankind that triumphs over the darkness we face collectively now.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Anonymity is not in a name, but the true mystery that is "SELF"

In our globally connected world today, we have seen both sides of the coin.  Those who have their whole lives spilled out in public with the ever increasing ability of powers that be to cull related information and/or those who hide behind masks that the internet simultaneously provides to those who are intelligent enough to cover their digital tracks.  Perhaps, as Nietzsche said, "Whatever is profound loves masks" and I tend to agree with the master philosopher on most things.  However, the profound mystery that remains anonymous is ultimately not cornered in by any artifice or device of informational revelation.  As always, at the very core of our individual and collective existence, there is the mystery that supersedes all consciousness.  It is the result of our mutual inability to answer every question, especially as more and more questions arise about our true nature and future as a species.  Furthermore, it is the very fact that no matter how much we think we "know" a person, we can never be sure, when we don't even really know ourselves.  Once more, those who have chosen successfully to hide behind their masks, i.e. Banksy or "Anonymous", have done so with the intention of making a "name" or new identity for themselves anyway in the public eye, albeit as a means of challenging a system that is corrupt.  For that reason, it is necessary.  However, either way, you remain "anonymous", but at the same time, are equally more famous than the average person watching you on TV.  So then, the name means nothing in the end and all men and women are the ultimate mystery themselves, to themselves and in reality to everyone else.


Saturday, March 3, 2012

Chans, Ganguro Girl, Hentai, Anonymous Urban Global Dream/Fantasy

The internet is the beast that unleashes total "freedom" of thought, form and idea in anonymous nature just like the big city.  The big city (global internet) dream is the dream of the New Yorker circa 1983 (Madonna) and the Ganguro Girl ("Chans" as in 4Chan) circa 2000.  The city is the urban oneiric fantasy generator of desire.  Concrete reality makes a life full of illusions.  We must escape the lives/lies and magic masks of identity with our fetishes for desire or at least, that is what we are programmed to believe.  All objects then become objects of desire or disgust/hate.  After seeing the twin towers get demolished and beheadings in Iraq and Mexico, porn (Hentai) as no longer underground, but mainstream activity (teenage girls posting naked pics on the internet) and black magic the method of advertising "genius" for mind control robot aliens (see HULU commericals), the world is a swirling vortex eating itself from the inside out and it appears there is nothing to lose.  We live in a culture that believes that only dreams which become fantasies give a semblance of order to a world completely muddled in chaos.  We seek salvation in the imaginary realms that are tweaked by a cosmic kool-aid of digitized phantasms wanting them to be real.