Monday, June 27, 2011

Fall with the DOLLAR (store)

Fall with the dollar and get home to some cold grits and empty the trash cans called "A-Mirror_KKK-Cali-Ma" and her cheeseburgers and fake flags.  GREECE was a movie, but also what is clogging your visionary arterial universal world banks that vampires created.

Petrol only for $$15 dollars, but makes us swim real good in our own caca del toro.  We go for alligators and Moon Pies.  Indian nickels are the new currency, but are cheaper than the next Coca-Cola thief.  The aliens invaded too long ago for your own good and they took over every Chinese Restaurant this side of the Pecos.  I sweat gold and silver colloidals now and the West was ONE by the blood from the trail of tears.  War is hell, but KFC is finger lickin' good.  If you think Im crazy, you need to take a long look in your own bowl of goodies and call it a day.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


kix for kids and mixens
all dazy dogs stairs
two tribal promises present
pizzas like glue
all up in there
craps and cars

Dont get it twisted emityemities...

Life is a "Reality TV Show"

True colors collide in front of a backdrop of Babylonian Time Bombs, Nuclear explosions to NADA, nothingness, but only constructed towers to vanity, emptiness, hopeless posturing of verity and authenticity, the smirks of contrite "EYE know it ALL-ness", the SALTss on the meat wheel, the turning of death into feathered beds of ticker tape ego parades.

EYE WACK and dancing steps, Jordan Maxwell as Bhairava eating the flesh of dead Holy Wood, hard-ons of daemons paving the way for a new political chain we are, Aliens inside the letters in those hills, eating humans, creating chaos for mass control, bc you know the game and its the name of the next "Reality TV Star".


Monday, June 20, 2011

Clearly nothing is what it seems to be...

Whatever the reasons are for being here on this planet, regardless of the group of individuals you may find yourself with, nothing remains the same and nothing is what it seems to be.  The greatest illusion lives within our own minds.  It is true that we become misguided by whatever we have been taught, as we must form our own ideas, separate from whatever was given to us before, even if we are reacting to that.  There is a  deeper truth going on behind the scenes in relation to the global economy for example.  Our freedom is an illusion and we are living a lie, especially in the BRITISH BANKING CORPORATION UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Whatever is going on, we can at least acknowledge the spirit within and try to allow it to speak, regardless of the consequences.  Everyone needs a piece of the pie, but the pie has been swiped and now the remnants are all over the funny faces of Banksters and their minions.

Don't go to join a gang, if all you want to do is hang out and party...


Friday, June 17, 2011

Contemporary Art is Meaningless

I love the song by the Doves, "Black and White Town" from 2005.  As with many contemporary indie songs, the exact meaning gets lost, but its general meaning seems to reflect a general sense of malaise or frustration born from urban anonymity.  There is a reference to "Satellite Towns" in the lyrics.  I think this is a symbol of the type of machinic feeling of obscurity that pushes human ontology in a new direction, a direction where individuality is lost in the technological matrix.  There are so many types of "faux" identities being created these days as a result.  For a human being it is natural to need to derive some kind of meaning from life, but today this is not as possible as it was before.  We seem to float like satellites lost in space, communicating our desires to those below us or somewhere perhaps out in Space.  This was exactly where I was as an individual in those years moving around Manhattan living and working and trying to "make it" as an artist post 9-11.

The reality is in this sense, Contemporary Art is meaningless.  As we increasingly become more and more technologically advanced, the inherent meaning of art becomes challenged, especially as a "corporate product", whether from individuals or collective entities.  Furthermore, technology has the simultaneous quality of speeding things up to the point of oblivion.  Things become passe too quickly these days, as well as the fact that as technology brings us "closer" together, it is also marginalizing us into mechanical "ghosts in the machine".  Also, as I stated, Contemporary Art is the product of individuals getting lost in a technological matrix and therefore, becomes nothing more than a meaningless flow of absurd representations of anonymity and a sort of machinic existence.  It is a voice of rational need and desire, but that becomes subterfuged by the chaotic reality of globalization and urbanization.  To quote an old graffiti artist friend's statement for downtown New York's modern styles company aNYthing, "aNYthing goes when it's Chaos to create Order!".

Essentially, art's meaning was also contingent to its cultural speaking, it appears that as a result of deconstructing language to the point of nothingness we have simultaneously done the same to art.  Now we have so many styles and approaches and today everyone it seems is an "artist" of some kind.  It is true that it is always possible to reinvent paradigms etc and it is an amazingly diverse time to be in conceptually speaking.  However, it is going to be more than interesting to see if art can counter its quantum personality as urban born, cosmopolitan, global anonymous commodity or absurd flow factor from technological cybernetic feedback loops.  One thing for sure, it will have to derive some new understanding of why it needs "Being There".

Friday, June 10, 2011