Monday, June 27, 2011

Fall with the DOLLAR (store)

Fall with the dollar and get home to some cold grits and empty the trash cans called "A-Mirror_KKK-Cali-Ma" and her cheeseburgers and fake flags.  GREECE was a movie, but also what is clogging your visionary arterial universal world banks that vampires created.

Petrol only for $$15 dollars, but makes us swim real good in our own caca del toro.  We go for alligators and Moon Pies.  Indian nickels are the new currency, but are cheaper than the next Coca-Cola thief.  The aliens invaded too long ago for your own good and they took over every Chinese Restaurant this side of the Pecos.  I sweat gold and silver colloidals now and the West was ONE by the blood from the trail of tears.  War is hell, but KFC is finger lickin' good.  If you think Im crazy, you need to take a long look in your own bowl of goodies and call it a day.