Monday, December 26, 2011

Who Cares (Really and other Strange Tastes)???

Some people might not give a damn about art or particularly what I am doing here...or, perhaps they think its weird or curious based on some level of general acceptance of things "different" in the visual sphere.  Media has successfully dominated our minds by dictating to us what is acceptable and what is not.  The fact that LMFAO is a multimillion dollar industry right now while I have $0 (for real), doesn't make me sad, but it makes me happy.  Why?  I never set out to make money per se, only if it was going to help me use my art to help others somehow.  Perhaps I'm just stupid, but I hope that the world isn't just about "might makes right" or some basic biological reasoning for our survivability.  I do believe that there is a day in the Sun for all things, so let there be light in 2012.  If you're reading this, I hope you have the light you seek in this coming year as well.

Saturday, December 24, 2011


Saturday, December 10, 2011

Pirates Mount Moriah

"Taking evil men and giving them fetters"

Monday, November 14, 2011

Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taipei, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur and the End of Postmodernism

Paul Laffoley talked with me personally about the future cities of the new Bauharoque (some more of which I added here).

In his beyond genius "Secret Writings of Jesus Christ", Paul mapped out (in 1992?) the total of futuristic cultural periods, including an accurate timeline for the end of the Postmodern rule of New York City capitalistic cosmopolitanism.  Probably it is safe to say that New York City is closer to what Paris was at the end of the Second World War.  Now things are changing and we're feeling it, aren't we???

Let's face it, no matter how you slice it, architecture tells the story.  New York just looks old.  The Freedom Tower in my humble opinion, is not the right design to carry New York forward into the future, but it all makes sense, because in the end, politics is indicative of our mental-spiritual-emotional qualities.  However, it is neither here nor there, because all empires end at some point.  Just as the Postmodern schizo-analysis is giving way to a new empirical mode of understanding capitalism, as well as every other system, buildings such as Taipei Tower and the Burj Khalifa tell the story that is already happening after 9/11.  There are new centers of the global  network now.  New York initiated it.  It was rooted in the Eiffel Tower as a Modernist expression, realized in the Twin Towers and in a very postmodern way, rising out of the ashes like a Phoenix.  I would say that the world has a plan.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Mega spirit...ascension into Cosmic Oneness.  Emptiness defined as a universal stratagem for world peace.  Force beyond recognition.  Angelic presence.  Opening of a portal to light.  Stay tuned...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

In Science

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Fool or not, a wise man would say, there is only one hope for this art, this great art that seeks to create where others destroy, to live in the light of the Master, that is, namely, a profound peace for the world that unites all despite cause, aim, religion, political system et al.  However, this idealism is met with the hard, cold realism of mental and spiritual illness which pervades all realms of humanity in its desire to be in this world.

Monday, October 17, 2011



As Above, So Below

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Con $ Piracy

Monday, October 3, 2011

CNN (WD) poem for the day

1. Anwar al-Awlaki=Muslim or not, we'll kill you when we decide it is right. 

2. Conrad Murray=good doctor being aired out for TMZ Coke orgies.

3. Michael Jackson=Le Freak.

4.  National Debt=ILLUSION/MAYA.

5.  Amanda Knox= Miss Diversion from reality.

6.  Afghanistan= OPIUM WARS.

7.  United Nations= Ordo Ad Chao.

8.  Greece= a silly movie with John Travolta and Olivia Newton John.

9.  Mexico= come down here and well take your f*(^*ng head gringo. 

10.  Iran= I RAN, I RAN so far away.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Great Artists dont Steal, they INNOVATE

Picasso was cool...I particularly love his late work to be honest when he was getting close to biting the bullet.  Banksy is cool too, but let's not get carried away with fanfare....great artists don't need to steal, nor imitate (mediocre artists) for that matter...because everything is up for grabs in terms of innovation.  If you are innovating then you are not stealing or imitating, you are creating something fresh and new just like babies when they are born.  Everything comes from something!  Let's stop the cacita right now...

Friday, September 30, 2011


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Film Still Porn Shorn Babylon Wipes its Face off the Chaos Tower/$...

Baal Bell ringing to Sherman's march to the SEA, where the Beast arises from the blood of deception, orgiastic exhibitions of the latest, greatest power walks built from Black Magic.  Hyper-rationalism-materialistic illusionism/capitalistiKKKah fascistas socially disorder Martian war bonds/red squares in CAIRO and thieves sleeping through the cracks of day to walk and creep in the spin of the night, black eyed fees, target packs of spiritual malnutrition, burning dollars for fuel to keep the buffet running for the rich and shameless, La Crosse for pinheads watching the lightbox, magical talismans on the backs of green men.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

OMculted and/or still Blissed...

Rama went into the woods exiled.  The Moon shines her silvery light into the hair of the lost god.  No ONE is *G*now-ING.  No job when paper tigers eat the fury of lies from snowy lines and dipstick gum pastels.  Fire consumes his energy from within as Martian wonder.  Time is empty of itself anyway.  Stupid, but genius all the same.  The bridegroom has returned and the SUN shines in the morning.

Wait for Venus fools, because thats when its all going to come around and you'll eat your diet of worms.


Monday, September 19, 2011

Two Take

Two Take Quantum leaps beyond Quantum aspirations...that is the question Leggo Bat Man.  He was in the center of the Black Sun before the Universe ever wept for Man.

Space Warrior Robot Men...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Julian Schnabel Paints his Dead Dog

God lives in a dog, a big dog the kind that demands press, red carpets and wet socks for rainy days.  Hyped and hyper.  Beards of dire life and open wounds for minions.  Hopeless art sighs and power lunches filling up the barriga inside gallery terrorist attacks.  Only there will be the "sundae ladies", caressing your ego and smelling your bad laundry like its an abstract painting from Paradise...Yod-Hei-Vav-Hei hovering over your creme fraiche culture and your spaghetti with meatballs and your pit fires to Molech.  "Ill-es" never know why, after 5 minute conversation, the attention gets stirred and rekindled hermano, but then again, there is one who wins and one who loses all the time.  Today you are a giant and jolly and green, but yes, you too will find your dust storm over Oklahoma Dead Indian Telephone Territory as Babel's Bell Rings for the Lost Tribes locked inside her red light towers.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

911 Danger Will Robinson Danger

The saga continues...death, destruction, grief, lies, deception, ZION 2012, 11 dollar Papa Johns Pizzas advertised on channels covering the 10th anniversary of Kali's tongue lashing at Babylon, SEE EYE AYIN and the Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds reality of Con $ Piracy...LOST AT SEE, the pillars a watch tower to the cemetary of true liberty and sovereignty and yet, in all the chaos, the true dimension of human suffering remains, the need for creativity ever more important, the verity of our system in question and also, hope that prevails in spite of it ALL-ah.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lily Donaldson Vision

A golden mannequin and a rich son of tewesday lunch in downtown plastic papers, eastern village of the poets, drinking up the streets from the slash and burn cultures, ending a dream and a fantasy at the same time by over doing it, but who carez? the gem by her side, a little smoke and cars that gleam on her jeans, she a voice to those, them in their clubs and fires from nights that hide the stars...message to self, move over, move on and get some, get it now while it lasts, the anarchy looms on the horizon of american devils, saliva on their sleeves, money on their backs, broken ribs from the garden and a sweltering heat that bears visions from her eyes...

Pop designers and the masturbation of TVMind Culture

I see too many people who are "trying" to be designers.  Not that they are not inherently talented, but it's more that they are trying to fit their talent into a mode that does not truly belong to them...or does it?  It's the same old story, true individuals don't care if they are wearing the "right" clothes...they just go in style.  Look at HGTV's Design Star or Bravo's Work of Art shows...and you'll get my point.  Doesn't it seem that our culture is just being lowered to the recesses of a high school mentality through one way ticket Reality TV?  Everyone needs to fit in so that they can make the fake money that hides whats real in our lives from our psyches, the part of self we bury deep in plastic credit cards.

Doubt me?  It will happen that the truth will more lies and no more fail.  It's time again, to rise and then, overpower greed, for the heart will not bleed (anymore).

Monday, August 1, 2011

The Masonic El Eye

Force your brother to the X Roads, cause him to self-immolation for your own magical benefit....Shameloh On You.


Friday, July 29, 2011

Drawing (Chief Moorig) 2011

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Saturday, July 23, 2011



The Sun Lord on Sunday


Hot Fire

Steal the Pain Away

There is no end to human suffering, save enlightenment.  We continue to destroy shadows in the night.

Ancient ways are beckoning us back to the garden of delights.

Save Our Ship!


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Asherah Shekinah Yo Yo MAH

The Full Buck Moon was so brilliant last night, that the "pagan" in me started to remember the lost goddess of the Jewish/Semitic people: Asherah.  She was a beautiful woman, a consort of magical powers, her staffs/poles placed near the altar to YHWH.  I often think that our mutual forgetting of the past causes us to repeat the same mistakes.  I am terribly saddened by the sacrifice of the little Jewish boy, Leiby Kletzky.  Remember that nothing in essence ever changes, only people do their best to keep it all secret and locked up for face saving.  In the end, the truth will prevail no matter what people do or don't do.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ode to RAY MAN

MON giant fool!  You beast to gods and men.  Open and folded in a simultaneous crouch poesis your YOG a pogo stick of creation fotog burning in Babels weep.  I believe it to be so, bc you clearly pre-empted the lot of sots and chains and dips to follow in your foddering flounders of potions and alchemy. 

Daddy Warhol sold you out.  You died of infected lung after too many a Gaulish evening.  However, cars and sirens spilled their blood in the streets of realization for your painted bread.  The money, well, that was all dough to begin with you Yodeo Street Warrior and Suprematist conspirator.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Friday, July 8, 2011

Yellow Limey Mask Being

Old School Alien Head

Sunday, July 3, 2011

"Conversation with the Alien in Art" written in 2002 and published by SPACE in 2003, NYC.


 A feature article By DAVID M. TWIDLE, an artist and shaman. SEPTEMBER 2003


Here I am, an urban artist alone in an apartment. There are no other visible beings here besides my cat and myself.

I am alone, except for the fact that everywhere I look I am surrounded by some strange presence, an alien presence.

The fact that over the course of time, I have diligently created this presence is my art. I have formed a collective presence on canvas and paper that looks at me with knowing eyes.

The emergence of this presence originated from within the depths of my being and in that sense is intimate. In that sense I "know" this presence to be a part of my being.

On the other hand, the fact that it forms a collective presence is alien to me. Here lies a dichotomous tension in my relationship to this artifice. This realization comes from the manifestation of a foreign face or visage in the visual field.

More than a face, it is a mirror or a reflection of my own outlined persona. Of course, the very idea of an alien is metaphysical and esoteric. However, this has traditional and formal representation as well. This perception lies within the basic evolution of consciousness and its expression as art, one of the underpinnings of culture.

As an artist searches more and more deeply for the motivation of the creative process, they in fact materialize an entity that they can never fully know or understand.

In this sense, art is a conversation with an alien being that lives within the deepest regions of what some might call the soul or life force. This being lies just beyond the self as a reflection of our obverse nature in a physical universe.

Some might call it the alter ego. George Condo refers to it as the "antipode." Picasso painted it in his painting "Woman Standing in Front of a Mirror," as well as in his surrealistic, post-cubist work that defined his career after the 1930s. It is revealed in the deconstructive attempts of Derrida to resolve linguistic marginalization, centrism and binaries.

It is the Hegelian method of the resolution of thesis and antithesis. It is Moses staring into the Burning Bush. I believe that it has many analogues in the visual field, as well as the literary and musical fields or all levels of creation.

Interestingly enough, I infer that in alienation this being reflects the condition of our being, individually and collectively in this contemporary age as we populate and evolve on all levels.

For many artists this has been the essence of their experience in society. Since their separation from the establishment embodied in church and state going up until the present time, many artists have struggled with their relation to the exterior world and how to incorporate it with their individual, dream world of ideas and poetry.

To be an artist means to be isolated in one's own dream world, since art is a language so personal, intellectual and spiritually subjective to the artist, regardless of criticism and objective analysis. This is the result from a concentrated spirit and intellection that characterizes the individual aspect of art and its relation to the objective world, which is also a reflection of this alienation.

That is to say, the whole time there is this balance sought between creative intimacy and the degree of objectivity where one can coexist within reality. In fact, it is intertwined through integration and analogy.

Ironically, this separation and isolation has become very public, as society develops more and more technology orientated towards an individualized, solipsistic world. In that sense, everybody is increasingly experiencing alienation in their daily lives as a result of these desires to be individual and unique as apparent collective level of objectivity through technological unity.

This is projected through television, Internet, radio, magazines and scores of other media, which form the panorama of collective analogues that our selves are creating through this relationship.

However, it isolates the individual from that collectivity by individualizing their needs and interactions with society and the objective world. This is ultimately ironic and contradictory. As it is a definite part of us, technology is creating a normality of isolation, catered to our whims and desires, or dreams.

As we create a place in the world that is an immediate reflection of our desires, we ironically create an alien being which both the collective society, totally inscrutable and our individual selves exemplify.

Even after we have consumed it in both a commercial and cultural sense, it remains as such. This is the artistic evolution of our being in a physical universe.

 Art is a conversation with an alien.

After abstraction and its re-codification in the formal realm, now the alien poses the next level of abstraction, that aspect revealing itself in the artistic process. It is the next plateau to our formal understanding of art in any field.

The alien is abstract like the individual in relation to contemporary society. This abstraction is the point or place where we relate ourselves to the world.

In the height of the cult of celebrity, where individuals become individualized abstractions of themselves and a template ideal, this could never be truer.

My art as alien is as much a part of me as it is alien from me. It is a startling mirror to myself, like Maha Kali dancing on Shiva and mirroring him in his power to create and destroy.

As I look out into the world from my room and wonder at that collective alien presence of my art and the objective world, I see that it characterizes this present moment.

Then I wonder what my alien is really trying to show me. In any case, I realize that is where lies the secret and mystery of art and its infinite potential to become.

Who and what is the alien? Why do we need to confront it?

For now, we need it to progress on all levels of society and culture in order to achieve our next stage in evolution. As we confront this abstraction in our artistic lives, we are initiated into another level of existence and, of course, the development of our integral culture in a limitless space.

Copyright © David M. Twidle 2003. All Rights Reserved.

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Fall with the DOLLAR (store)

Fall with the dollar and get home to some cold grits and empty the trash cans called "A-Mirror_KKK-Cali-Ma" and her cheeseburgers and fake flags.  GREECE was a movie, but also what is clogging your visionary arterial universal world banks that vampires created.

Petrol only for $$15 dollars, but makes us swim real good in our own caca del toro.  We go for alligators and Moon Pies.  Indian nickels are the new currency, but are cheaper than the next Coca-Cola thief.  The aliens invaded too long ago for your own good and they took over every Chinese Restaurant this side of the Pecos.  I sweat gold and silver colloidals now and the West was ONE by the blood from the trail of tears.  War is hell, but KFC is finger lickin' good.  If you think Im crazy, you need to take a long look in your own bowl of goodies and call it a day.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


kix for kids and mixens
all dazy dogs stairs
two tribal promises present
pizzas like glue
all up in there
craps and cars

Dont get it twisted emityemities...

Life is a "Reality TV Show"

True colors collide in front of a backdrop of Babylonian Time Bombs, Nuclear explosions to NADA, nothingness, but only constructed towers to vanity, emptiness, hopeless posturing of verity and authenticity, the smirks of contrite "EYE know it ALL-ness", the SALTss on the meat wheel, the turning of death into feathered beds of ticker tape ego parades.

EYE WACK and dancing steps, Jordan Maxwell as Bhairava eating the flesh of dead Holy Wood, hard-ons of daemons paving the way for a new political chain we are, Aliens inside the letters in those hills, eating humans, creating chaos for mass control, bc you know the game and its the name of the next "Reality TV Star".


Monday, June 20, 2011

Clearly nothing is what it seems to be...

Whatever the reasons are for being here on this planet, regardless of the group of individuals you may find yourself with, nothing remains the same and nothing is what it seems to be.  The greatest illusion lives within our own minds.  It is true that we become misguided by whatever we have been taught, as we must form our own ideas, separate from whatever was given to us before, even if we are reacting to that.  There is a  deeper truth going on behind the scenes in relation to the global economy for example.  Our freedom is an illusion and we are living a lie, especially in the BRITISH BANKING CORPORATION UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Whatever is going on, we can at least acknowledge the spirit within and try to allow it to speak, regardless of the consequences.  Everyone needs a piece of the pie, but the pie has been swiped and now the remnants are all over the funny faces of Banksters and their minions.

Don't go to join a gang, if all you want to do is hang out and party...


Friday, June 17, 2011

Contemporary Art is Meaningless

I love the song by the Doves, "Black and White Town" from 2005.  As with many contemporary indie songs, the exact meaning gets lost, but its general meaning seems to reflect a general sense of malaise or frustration born from urban anonymity.  There is a reference to "Satellite Towns" in the lyrics.  I think this is a symbol of the type of machinic feeling of obscurity that pushes human ontology in a new direction, a direction where individuality is lost in the technological matrix.  There are so many types of "faux" identities being created these days as a result.  For a human being it is natural to need to derive some kind of meaning from life, but today this is not as possible as it was before.  We seem to float like satellites lost in space, communicating our desires to those below us or somewhere perhaps out in Space.  This was exactly where I was as an individual in those years moving around Manhattan living and working and trying to "make it" as an artist post 9-11.

The reality is in this sense, Contemporary Art is meaningless.  As we increasingly become more and more technologically advanced, the inherent meaning of art becomes challenged, especially as a "corporate product", whether from individuals or collective entities.  Furthermore, technology has the simultaneous quality of speeding things up to the point of oblivion.  Things become passe too quickly these days, as well as the fact that as technology brings us "closer" together, it is also marginalizing us into mechanical "ghosts in the machine".  Also, as I stated, Contemporary Art is the product of individuals getting lost in a technological matrix and therefore, becomes nothing more than a meaningless flow of absurd representations of anonymity and a sort of machinic existence.  It is a voice of rational need and desire, but that becomes subterfuged by the chaotic reality of globalization and urbanization.  To quote an old graffiti artist friend's statement for downtown New York's modern styles company aNYthing, "aNYthing goes when it's Chaos to create Order!".

Essentially, art's meaning was also contingent to its cultural speaking, it appears that as a result of deconstructing language to the point of nothingness we have simultaneously done the same to art.  Now we have so many styles and approaches and today everyone it seems is an "artist" of some kind.  It is true that it is always possible to reinvent paradigms etc and it is an amazingly diverse time to be in conceptually speaking.  However, it is going to be more than interesting to see if art can counter its quantum personality as urban born, cosmopolitan, global anonymous commodity or absurd flow factor from technological cybernetic feedback loops.  One thing for sure, it will have to derive some new understanding of why it needs "Being There".

Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday, May 27, 2011