Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pop designers and the masturbation of TVMind Culture

I see too many people who are "trying" to be designers.  Not that they are not inherently talented, but it's more that they are trying to fit their talent into a mode that does not truly belong to them...or does it?  It's the same old story, true individuals don't care if they are wearing the "right" clothes...they just go in style.  Look at HGTV's Design Star or Bravo's Work of Art shows...and you'll get my point.  Doesn't it seem that our culture is just being lowered to the recesses of a high school mentality through one way ticket Reality TV?  Everyone needs to fit in so that they can make the fake money that hides whats real in our lives from our psyches, the part of self we bury deep in plastic credit cards.

Doubt me?  It will happen that the truth will prevail...no more lies and no more fail.  It's time again, to rise and then, overpower greed, for the heart will not bleed (anymore).