Sunday, October 21, 2012

Shawnee Chief


Saturday, October 20, 2012

"Post-Post-Modernism, Objectification of Humans, Anonymous and Other Tastes"

First off, the term "Post-Post-Modern" is ridiculous as it is redundant and therefore superfluous and not progressive.  I use it here tongue-in-cheek to make a case in point.  Furthermore, our internet based society and culture is as was stated via postmodern theories regarding the natural outcome of hyper-capitalism, a hyper-fetishism and objectification of the Real and/or Other, which is in reality another "US".  The "Real" and "Other" are essentially one in the same thing, because our purview in the world concerns what is perceived reality and is always an object in terms of defining what it is.  We live in a world of things and these things become the map by which our consciousness moves.

However, equally so there is personal experience, otherwise known as the subjective which constitutes individuals and gives them unique selves.  This is the abstract part of our understanding what is the humanity of ourselves and others.  No matter how long we look in the mirror, nothing we can see with physical eyes completely discerns the reality that cannot be seen and constantly moves "beneath" the surface reality.  Otherwise, there would be no mystery to life and we would essentially know everything as it is.

In relation to the internet, Anonymous and objectification of humans, we as a race have reached this point of realization after years of intellectual analysis of hyper-capitalist measures to achieve the reification of being so that it can become an object to sell.  Corporate greed creates an objective impersonal world of profit.  It depends on insensitivity to achieve its aims.  Porn is one aspect of this reality, as is slavery historically speaking.

What I mean to say here is that we have entered into a new era of consciousness in my mind.  We are moving beyond the pedantic, dry analysis that in fact only further supports the impersonality of social networking.  This leads to one end as dehumanized robots.  We observe it in cultural forms like gangs, mega-corporations and even revolutionary groups like Anonymous for that matter, but there is more to the story if you will.  Albeit, the masks of reality continue to subterfuge the mystery, but also this mystery continues to create in individuals and collectives a drive towards unique connection.  To use Felix Guattari's word "deterritorilization" as a signifier of a new conscious creative map and opening up of ever more levels of creative potential.  Hence, the future is uncertain folks.  I'm not saying there is something inherently wrong with capitalism or that communism or anarchism in some form is a better solution, nothing like that.   Either way, whatever it is, we must retain an understanding that the mystery underlies a reality with infinite potential, that things are not things unto themselves and that the more we objectify reality, the more we limit ourselves in time and space.  No system in fact promises total freedom, but we must continue to try towards a reformation of our minds, bodies and spirits in order to remain honest with ourselves and our world/s.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Dark Night

Deep in this night, the whistle blows
from lantern and wheel, a spirit knows
a foolish man did not begot
for Spirit dances to what is nought

The broken sun comes through the pane
from temporal destiny I shall remain
Never retired even from the grave
for the Poet's heart is eternal, brave

Lord of Fire, Smoke and Mirrors
holding up the truth to sinners
where the wind conjures magic rites
and all souls return to that dark night

Friday, October 5, 2012


Loser chosers
get fake and go blow
yourselves it's definite desolate
on the frontier to sundown
clown sodas
disgracing made up fantasies
of fire and bomb bottles
messages of desire
killing in the fields

go fcuk yourself
and get hung up
destiny desires more
but hey look it is a fat ass
with a tshirt full of grass
go long and hard
under soaking wet

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sick in Funnies