Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Collage for Joe Nulley

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hermann Finsterlin, Earthships, Gaudi, Eco-Baroque and Visionary Architecture

Not too many people know who Hermann Finsterlin was/is.  For me, he is one of the greatest visionary architects I know of.  I just love the simplicity of his design and the German Bauhausesque off-shoot aspects that lean towards a more baroque sense of modernist, expressionist form and function.  Actually, he never realized his ideas beyond sculpture and drawings on paper to my knowledge.

However, Micheal Reynolds' Earthships are uncannily similar to Finsterlin's designs.  Not sure if Michael Reynolds was influenced by Finsterlin or if it is just coincidence, or in my mind.  I believe there is a correlation of some kind, accidental or intentional, or otherwise.  It relates in general to what seems to have been exemplified in the organic, baroque genius of Antonin Gaudi in terms of modern vision in architecture.  Furthermore, Eco-construction is the next "big thing" in my mind as world economies force us to greater independence and interdependence.  We'll be forced to preserve more than consume resources.  I dream to live in a house of "garbage" that would knock anyone's socks off, a house that is green, made of recycled materials and off the grid.

This is the nature of visionary architecture becoming a reality as 2012 brings the future to now at at theater nearest you.  Just imagine all those plastic water bottles could be made into stairs or tables to eat on or?...Think before you vote and eat your veggies.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Madonna the Hierophant/ess or Inverted Male Priestess

Bi-Sexuality is an ancient pagan method of expressing the gods-goddesses or "illis" as Jordan Maxwell has explained.  The h-"illi"-es are certainly phallic, but just as the Shiva Lingam is the male phallic, the base serves as an expression of the feminine support principle, "the homemaker" who founds the place where the fertile pole star reaches towards the heavens. It is our desire to be eternal and we live on not in our bodies, but in our progeny.

Madonna gave her cabalistic performance ritual at the Super Bowl and knighted/acolyted certain performers as her off-"Spring".  The symbolism of both male and female in the Super Bowl is almost infinite...but the "V"ince Lombardi Trophy looks like a lingam to me...given to the alpha male (Eli/Illi "Man"-ing) who proves his gladiatorial prowess on the feminine field, contained with the bowl or cup which is the primordial feminine chalice, the holy grail where the blood of Christos is ritually consumed.  Madonna made heavy use of the double "V" or W, as an inverted M (when you turn it over), favorite symbol of Winston Churchill (Freemason) and also important to the Tarot universe.  Also, contained with that symbolism was "Ox".  Freeman Perspective states this on his blog.  The tarot card for the hierophant contains both the symbol/letter "V" and also, Taurus or the Bull/Ox of the Spring.  The "V" is itself a feminine symbol, but as warrior goddess, hence Madonna was dressed as ISIS/ISHTAR.  "V" is for Victory as Church-"hilli" liked to declare.  V is also for "Vau" and means nail, or in this case, the male phallic. Furthermore, riding the Ox (two horns/double phallic) is an ancient Taoist idea of the path to wisdom.

The connection of the Double V is the inverted double phallic/vulva symbol which is represented in the transvestite or bi-sexuality of the god/goddess.  Quetzcoatl or Kulculcan is another idea related to this concept.  No wonder the ancient and present day priesthood like/d to dress in robes.  They were esoterically representing this principle of cross-dressing which goes onto this day in places like India or churches.  In this case, even better when the male is himself heterosexual and goes through the ritual as in the Kathakali dance of Kerala.  We have "bi-sexual" priests to this day in the Catholic church which was the original haven for such individuals.  I am not condoning or chiding any group or or individual belief system, I am only stating aspects that exist like it or not in our religious history.  As it says in Ecclesiastes, there is "Nothing new under the Sun".

Therefore, Madonna's message is that she ultimately stands alone and expects to be worshipped as the bi-sexual god-goddess/high priest-priestess.  She is the One who will guide us in Babylon.  Her minions, MIA and Nicki Minaj were the equivalent to her altar-boy/girl slaves helping her to ritualize these arcane aspects of a hermetic science that takes us all the way into the glaring light of Hermes in the desert of ancient days.  Know your code and you'll know when and where you being "told".  ;)

On Alienation in Art and Life

I believe that the individual representation of reality after abstraction is now two-dimensionally of the "Alien" in painting. George Condo is the premier recognized manufacturer of this idea today in contemporary art. Alienation is based today in technology, spiritual states of consciousness of a politically charged modern world and also, world religions and material forms of consciousness. Capitalism is the primary alienating function of a society.  However, Communism as a political system is also equally an alienating function, based on the psychology of total govern-"mental" control.  This alienation seeks its salvation in a baroque world of colorful excess to assuage the mental dysfunctions correlative to its nature.  Therefore, the culture of consumerism is the new baroque fantasy (see Japanese Anime and consumerist trends) that attempts to pave the way towards mental and spiritual equilibrium.  Until the alien becomes integrated fully into our consciousness  we will never know peace on earth.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

King Cake

Dancing down the streets of life throwing pearls of love, wisdom, poetry and magic

Open to the eternal promise of a universal reality of peace

Preparing for the ritual of connection to the tribe

Reduction of the essence into the glands of visionary star creation

Healing all with the laugh of masked men and the king who eats cake

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Novelty Experiments

The Universe favors he/she who ingeniously rides the chaos wave all the way to a novel experience.  There is no tract of life that follows patterns to success more than that which allows cyclical mis-takes...over and over again until at one point, quantum jumping takes one from the repetitive nature to a unique dimension where no-thing can touch you anymore.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

We're all going to die...

Do you really know that you're going to die?  Just think about it.  It is very real.  There is nothing we/you/I can do about it.  In fact, it's the only thing that is truly present in your life...your death.

Most of us go through life ignoring the fact.  Media and institutions play with us and feed us imagery and ideas that make us feel secure in ourselves or allude to some sense of eternal life.  However, behind those masks is the mask of death.  All those products were killing you all along.

So, knowing you're going to die, what is it you truly want out of your life?  Are you going to just go along and do what others want and expect?  Are you going to try and express yourself as you truly are, face your death and make something memorable and beautiful that can instruct and help others?

Friday, February 3, 2012

Phony Friend Factory

Phony Friend Factory

Hold your cell in your hand
bend over backwards for wavelengths
invisible messages in the air
and time spatial block heads
blowing out from star dust
dont forget the artificial soup
of hello and there you go
again and again like
the plastic ocean
because your phone
is your friend
as a Fake Book
it's just a place
to believe in something
that is not real