Monday, May 28, 2012

Karma Clowns, Zen Sandwiches and Sweeping the Beach

I'm a beach sweeper.  Actually, I should tell you how vast the ancient sea is now.  But, then again, it wouldn't matter, because there never was a beginning, nor will there ever be an end.  For all there is, there is only shapeshifting...moment to moment.  The face of the Sun is never the same at any moment.  So much energy, so little time, but then again, it's eternal and infinite.

Like the number of stars in the Universe, there isn't enough light to shine down on your inherent stupidity.  So, I'll sweep the beach and eat Zen for lunch while you think I'm a Karma Clown, which I AM, but it's for the laughs anyway.  It just might be that on the other side of the Black Hole, an entire new Universe is being created simultaneously, which might represent a whole other dimensionality of stars swept from one angle to another.  It's like Creative Destructionism or Destructive Creationism.  Perhaps we're on the other side of that Black Hole and we're staring right back at ourselves like a Cosmic Magic Hall of Mirrors?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Live authentically

In Jungian psycho-analysis (Meyers Briggs Test), at one point possibly 5 years ago, I had taken the test and the result was ESTJ (Extraversion, Sensing, Thinking, Judgment).  However, recently, I took the test again and the result was INFP (Questor/Idealist/Healer).  Furthermore, it says that INFP's tend to masquerade as ESTJ's, but that this is a considerable taxation to them energetically.  When I was working all those years in corporate finance, I guess that I was masquerading as a ESTJ in order to survive.  I was really trying to live out my INFP persona, but I had to become ESTJ in order to have and keep a job suitable to pay my rent.  No wonder I started having so many problems in my life and personal turmoil.  Living in a contradiction is a crisis.

After three years of unemployment after the recession of 2009, I am living out my INFP persona naturally and I honestly feel so much better.  The problem remains a financial one, but I am hopeful for the future in spite of it.

In order for us to be healthy, we need to realize that in spite of the pressures of the world to be what we are not, we must be ourselves if we ever wish for the good things to come when we live authentically.

Friday, May 11, 2012

You're only as good as your last haul...

Man it has been too long since Ive actually pulled in something to chew on...there is nothing left.  Crisis critics ring in the background and everytime I try to make it work, get out of bed, take the shower and sing a little, it never comes home.

My objective is to finally write a non-poetic poem.  Like this stupid thing here.  Don't try anymore to be anything.  Don't even be.  It's fresher that way and think of all the garbage you'll save the earth.

Again, calling for the last time.  My cat is deaf, so sad.  She doesn't here herself even.  But, it's like that in the end and in a sort of funny way,  from the very beginning.  Don't let anyone tell you it will be fine.  Nobody cares.  It's an endless repetitve machinic jerk of needless desire.  There is nothing left.  Waiting for the deluge.

I must go now.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Metamodernist New Sincerity is the Bauharoque

Paul Laffoley predicted a cultural shift from postmodernist academic cynicism toward a "last shift of modernism as a recapitulation of the whole thing", that is, modernism and the baroque as two major aspects on the timeline of cultural movements.  The cultural products we see today seek progress through a more sublime motion in their formative creations and a new interpretation of higher dimensionality.  It seems indulgent like baroque ornamentation, but is a sincere immanent attempt toward something of greater beauty and intent in my opinion.  The spirituality without religion aspect is the foundation of alchemy and magic.  I think that the "Brony" ("Friendship is Magic" and "Statistics are Magic") culture is one aspect of this ideal being sought as we dig ourselves out of the ashes of 9/11.  It is a counter to the weight of financial and economic instability that was brought about by postmodernist motives.  Individuals and collectives desire greater social harmony by making cynicism itself ironic, therefore impotent in the face of a more enlightened sensibility about social consciousness.  Also, the politics of religion is tiring and people really don't want to fight over outdated belief systems.  It is important to recognize however that there is a "touched" element to all of this.  Magic is the key and it seeks to transform the ordinary by being a summation of all that has come before it.

As far as Paul's prophetic rendering in the "Secret Teachings of Jesus Christ", visionary architects rarely get mentioned or implanted in the system for their ideas, but clearly here is another example of a true genius making his statement 20 years before it became an institution, albeit under a different name.

Whatever you want to call it, now we stand in between the same ideas that marked progressive intention with the path towards the sublime or multiple views of dimensionality, as promised in quantum physics.  There is also a sense of escapism through kitsch or fantasizing the banal as a fetish as in the "Brony" culture.  It is masked within the technology in which it is being realized and formulated, but floats and grows in its spatial consciousness that is highly virtual and formless.  There is no more Other, only Us and we are ever connecting in nodes of our being.  We see it in architectural forms that go overboard in their desire to replicate nature on the most profound levels...forms that inspire the beauty of chaos in spaces of structure.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Reaction Clusterfuck while Babylon Breaks Down

Whether or not we admit it or unless we're part of the older generation that has no way to understand it, we know things are coming to an end.  This is another empire falling story...the new war is economic, but might soon become bloody when the insiders finally take off after their crimes to South America.  Not just the USA, but the whole world is buckling right now under the weight of lies and deception.  Why is it that Jon Corzine walks free after admitting he "lost" billions of dollars of client money?  Because, that is how the game works...if you are inside this ever increasingly corrupt and shrinking circle of insider "EL-ites" you have the police and military to protect you, as well as the Law which decides to turn its head the other way as you're the one paying its salary.

The bottom line is so many people are popping pills to bury the pain.  This is because the whole thing is a representation of our psyche from top to bottom.  Everything is a reflection of another thing in some way.  I have myself gone through this "burning down" period personally back four years ago when every person in my life was more or less an enemy.  The mutual delusion is causing people to find themselves sick, lonely, tired or narcissistic, psychopathic and quite frankly crazy.

I like everyone else am trying to survive as peacefully as possible, but guess what, Ill be sweeping up for minimum wage?  How on earth will I ever pay back student loans?  The Reality TV show is about how corruption wins in the end.  All organizations are experiencing this right now like a cancer.  The only reason people get taken down is because they are some kind of threat to the status quo of inside rule and power or to be made an example of by the rich promoters of human deception and degradation.  Politics is never worth it in the end.  We need to live in a world that does better, if better is even possible.  I hope that humanity is better than that and we can all win in the end, but perhaps I'm a fool.

We're going to have be strong to survive this world.  It is time to get ready to re-create a world that is worth living in.  There are alternatives, but we're going to have to find them, re-build communities in peace, become more adaptable and healthful.