Monday, May 28, 2012

Karma Clowns, Zen Sandwiches and Sweeping the Beach

I'm a beach sweeper.  Actually, I should tell you how vast the ancient sea is now.  But, then again, it wouldn't matter, because there never was a beginning, nor will there ever be an end.  For all there is, there is only shapeshifting...moment to moment.  The face of the Sun is never the same at any moment.  So much energy, so little time, but then again, it's eternal and infinite.

Like the number of stars in the Universe, there isn't enough light to shine down on your inherent stupidity.  So, I'll sweep the beach and eat Zen for lunch while you think I'm a Karma Clown, which I AM, but it's for the laughs anyway.  It just might be that on the other side of the Black Hole, an entire new Universe is being created simultaneously, which might represent a whole other dimensionality of stars swept from one angle to another.  It's like Creative Destructionism or Destructive Creationism.  Perhaps we're on the other side of that Black Hole and we're staring right back at ourselves like a Cosmic Magic Hall of Mirrors?