Monday, July 23, 2012

Eff IT

To hell with the failing system and its lies, its fire burning deep in Babel.  Screw the voice of hypocrisy, turning the other way from the glare of truth that the world is not what it says it is.  Bankers who run the world and rig it from the top to the bottom, so that the only winners are those who are a part of the oligarchy.

Art is not a system.  Art is not a foolish way to make millions.  Life is more than a machine or a  semiotic system that supports the vanity of cultural emptiness.

We are becoming soulless cyborgs shaped by the desires of the matrix.  We question not the theatre that plays before us, televised in the collective un/conscious.  The gatekeepers will die.  The ivory towers will continue to fall.  The genius laughs in the green grass while the blind ride the goat to the burning retribution of the sun.  Solar fire will eventually destroy all that is cancer in this world.  The underworld will become sublimated by divine fire.