Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Economic Collapse in 2012?

The USA once again stands at an economic precipice (fiscal cliff).  For those who still have income, it is easy to ignore the signs...for those who are unemployed and have no more benefits, well, the harsh realities are kicking in.  Families will be destroyed by economic collapse, which appears to be imminent. 

In the midst of all of this chaos...I ask myself, is love possible in spite of it all?  It seems hard to fathom, but I do believe, more than ever, love is key to solving the problems we face, not just in the USA, but around the world.  We can and should help each other as much as possible.  When I see small children fighting over burnt rice in Syria, my heart aches.

It is possible, the Arab Spring is prepatory for the USA in the future.  If the dollar loses its value and Europe falls completely, then eveything will rest on China and BRIC.  Once that takes place, the economic shift will be over and Americans will be reduced to the very thing they took advantage of for so many years.  Sorry, there is some bitter truth involved.  Reorganize, create farming communities, grow food to feed each other, move back to a more socialized, agrarian society and fight off any form of tyranny.  That might work.

Again, love is the key to understanding.  With true love, there is balance, grace, wisdom, real power, peace.  Had we balanced ourselves with love, we might have survived this.  To say the least, we have allowed our Mother Earth to become destroyed by our folly.  Once more, we capaitalized on the pain and suffering of others.  Now it is time to pay up.

Maybe I'm wrong or just overly sentimental...but, what is it really?  Answer the question for yourself.